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Online Futures Trading

Customer Service

Monday to Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Closed on every Saturday,
Sunday and Public Holiday

Customer Service Hotline
(852) 2290 3860

Fund Deposit/Withdrawal Hotline
(852) 2207 2708

Fund Deposit/Withdrawal Facsimile
(852) 2537 5448

Address: Room 303, Houston Centre, 63 Mody Road,
Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Online Security Tips

Beware of Fraudulent Website and Emails
  • Beware of Fraudulent Website and Emails which seek to pass off as the Company's website. The official website of Shacom Futures Limited is www.shacomfutures.com.hk. If you suspect the website you visit is not our official website, please contact Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2290 3860 immediately.
  • Please always login the Company's electronic trading platform through the hyperlinks in the Company's website: www.shacomfutures.com.hk when you want to perform electronic trading.
  • Clients should not access any trading platform via hyperlinks embedded in the emails sent to you form any unknown source or third party.
  • Under no circumstances the Company will send our emails asking for verifying client's account number, login password, trading password, etc.
  • Clients should always stay alert to any possible online frauds to avoid unnecessary loss.
  • Clients should always be aware of any "business opportunity", including receiving or holding money for strangers, to avoid falling for money-laundering scams.
  • Never disclose your personal data or futures account details to unsolicited callers or pre-recorded voice message phone calls requesting such information.
  • If you have disclosed your personal information or password to a suspicious caller, please immediately contact the Company at (852) 2290 3860 and report the same to the Hong Kong Police Force (the "Police") for investigation, and:
    - Provide caller's phone number if available
    - Indicate the disclosed personal information
  • Be careful of any notifications sent by your telecommunication service provider about activation of the SMS/Voice Call forwarding function of your mobile device. Check with your service provider and report any suspicious notifications if you have not authorized the activation.
  • You may request your telecommunication service provider to suspend the remote SMS/Voice Call forwarding function of your mobile device to avoid any unauthorized activation.

How to protect yourself?

Keep your password protected
  • Never disclose your login password or trading password to anyone including our staff, in any case, we will never ask you for disclosing such information.
  • Avoid using the same details which you use to access other web services, such as Internet site, email etc.
  • Never use password, which is easy to guess, such as birthday, phone numbers, ID number or repeated numeric combination.
  • Never write down your password and reveal to anyone.
  • Always change your password regularly.
  • Do not enter any information (user ID, password etc.) to the screens pop-up or suspicious websites.

Keep your personal computer protected
  • Set the password to avoid other people access into your computer.
  • Install and regularly update anti-virus software, anti-spy software, personal firewall and security updates for browsers to protect your computer from virus and malicious programs.
  • Please strengthen your network security settings if you access electronic trading platform service via wireless network.
  • Use the latest versions of operating system, Mobile Futures Trading Apps and browser. Do not jailbreak or root privileges to your mobile phone and tablet.
  • To prevent the Spyware installation without your knowledge and virus attack, please avoid visiting or downloading software from suspicious websites.
  • If any unusual screens pop-up and/or the computer responds unusually slow, please log off from the trading platform and scan the computer with virus protection software.

Keep your electronic trading protected
  • Avoid logging in your account by using public and shared computer. Make sure no one can see your account number and password when you login electronic trading platform.
  • Always log out from your Internet/Mobile Futures Trading service account when you've finished. Closing the browser window does not guarantee secure logout and it could leave your account open to misuse.
  • Always clear the cache and history in your browser and make sure your account information is removed after using our online service.

Set up of Proxy / Firewall
  • In order to control the access/penetration between external and internal environment, some intranet/internet systems are running behind a proxy server and/or firewall. As a result, before using our electronic trading platform, a shacomfutures.com.hk port address formed by your proxy server/firewall may be required to be added as a valid right of access/penetration between the above two environments.
  • If the proxy server and/or firewall are installed by your vendor, please consult your vendor.

How to protect against mobile malware
  • Recently, variants of mobile malware targeting smartphones have appeared, attempt to steal clients' credentials and perform fraudulent transactions through their mobile trading apps. In some cases, the mobile malware will attempt to circumvent the additional layer of security provided by a One-Time Password (OTP) by intercepting text messages (SMS) or generate a fake dialogue inside the mobile trading platform in order to trick a user.

Update your contact information
  • Please update your latest mailing address, mobile phone number and e-mail address with the Company to allow verification in the event of suspicious transactions appear. For security reasons, you are required to update your information by submitting the "Notice of Addition / Change of Contact Details" Form to the Company by post or visiting our Company.

Check your account and transaction history details
  • If a transaction took place in your account, such as buy/sell, deposit/withdrawal etc, a statement will be issued to you. Always check your account statement regularly to identify any unusual transactions, and then report any unusual transaction in your statement to us immediately.
  • If you suspect any unauthorized access or transaction, please promptly contact our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2290 3860.

Please read and follow the instructions specified in the "Online Security Tips" from time to time.

It is very important to vigilantly protect your computers to safeguard against Online Trading fraud. All customers are strongly recommended to refer to the publications issued by The Hong Kong Monetary Authority ("HKMA").